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Disclosure of Interest

Disclosure of Interest F. W. Spilsbury is a trading name of F. W. Spilsbury Ltd., a company incorporated in England. Mr David Spilsbury is the Ultimate Owner of the business with Miss Georgia Spilsbury and Ms Johanne Minton as shareholders.

F. W. Spilsbury is an independent, family owned and family run business and is not part of any larger organisation.

There is only one “branch” of F. W. Spilsbury and the entirety of the company’s premises is as stated below: F. W. Spilsbury 12 Upper Howsell Road Malvern WR14 1TL F. W.

Spilsbury Ltd. has no involvement with any price comparison websites and has no agreements in place with any third parties whereby those third parties are encouraged or incentivised to refer clients/patients to use F. W. Spilsbury Ltd. F. W. Spilsbury Ltd. does not make individual or cumulative donations of £250 or more to any charitable organisations within any 12 month period.

If we do so in the future, we will ensure the amount and the name of the recipient organisation/s is declared on our website and in our premises.

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