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All you need to know about arranging a funeral.



When you contact us to advise us that someone has passed away, we will ask you for some details about the deceased as well as advise you about what the next steps will be. This may include arranging collection of the deceased, if necessary.

At this point, you may wish to discuss burial or cremation with family members or executors. Advice will be given on obtaining the necessary paperwork from your relevant doctors’ surgery or the hospital, as well as advice on registering the death.

In order to start making arrangements for the funeral, we will, in due course, agree a time to meet and go through all of yours and your loved one’s wishes.

Some things to bear in mind include where you’d like the funeral to be held, whether you wish to attend the service, whether you’d like a minister or celebrant to take the service, any readings or poem and musical choices. If you would like an announcement in any newspapers, please just let us know and we can arrange this. Transportation on the day and any special requirements should also be discussed at this point.

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At F. W. Spilsbury Ltd we are always available to answer any questions.

Following the passing of a loved one, you may feel very confused and have many unanswered questions. You may need advice on information regarding everything from Eco Funerals in Malvern to flowers. Below we have tried to answer all your questions but should you not find your answer, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Funeral Services Frequently Asked Questions

The first point of contact would be the Doctor who has been treating the deceased. If the Doctor is able to ascertain the cause of death, permission will be given for the deceased to be transferred to our premises.

A Doctor is only able to issue a Medical Certificate if he knows the cause of death and has been treating the deceased for this illness in the last 14 days. When this is not the case the Doctor will need to refer the death to the Coroner.

The Coroner has the responsibility to ascertain the cause of death. The majority of deaths reported to the Coroner are found to be of natural causes, only a very small number of deaths require further investigation.In order for the Coroner to ascertain the cause of death, they will need to conduct a Post Mortem examination of the deceased.

Doctors can charge for the completion of cremation forms as this does not form part of their NHS duties. These fees are normally charged directly to us, F. W. Spilsbury Ltd, and the cost is then passed onto the family. Please be aware that doctors are also entitled to charge a mileage allowance where appropriate.

All deaths have to be registered by the people closest to the deceased as they have a legal obligation to do so. Deaths need to be registered within 5 days – if this is not possible, you need to inform the Registrar.

The death has to be registered at the Registrar’s Office in the area where the death occurred. This is even the case when the death has occurred a distance from home.

There are however facilities available to attend your local Registrar’s Office, where you are able to do ‘Registration by Declaration’, this involves the two Registrars transferring documents between one another in order to register the death. This can however delay the date of the funeral.

The Registrar will require a Medical Certificate from the Doctor who was last treating the deceased for illness. If the Coroner is involved, the Medical Certificate will be substituted by a certificate from the Coroner.

They will also require the deceased NHS Medical Card, however this is not compulsory, so do not delay in registering the death if it has been mislaid.

If you have the deceased’s Birth and/or Marriage Certificate, you can take them with you, these documents will not be retained.

You will receive a DWP Form, this form should be sent to your local DWP Office with any pension or benefit books in the deceased’s name, or in joint names. This form is also used to assess whether a surviving partner is eligible for benefits such as Widow’s Benefit.

You will also receive a Funeral Director’s Form. This is green, and should be given to us to allow the funeral to take place. The final form you will receive is the Death Certificate. This is a copy of the Register Entry, and is the Certificate required by Banks, Insurance Companies etc. to attend to the deceased’s affairs. These are currently £11 per copy

No, arranging the funeral involves F. W. Spilsbury Ltd discussing with you the type of funeral you require, and offering you advice and information where necessary. This can take place as soon as you feel ready.

Once you have registered the death, you can supply us with the green form you received from the Registrar.

Woodland burial sites are where trees or wild flowers are planted on graves instead of a headstone, eventually turning the site into woodland. F. W. Spilsbury Ltd. can provide you with further information should you require it.

F. W. Spilsbury Ltd is a member of the National Association of Funeral Directors and abides by a Code of Practice; this ensures that we treat our clients and the public fairly. We are required to have price lists available showing the cost of the services we provide.

To ensure you obtain the best value possible, we can give you a price list of our services and we will supply you with a written estimate of the funeral costs and confirmation of all arrangements before the funeral takes place. This ensures that you are completely aware of the costs of the funeral you have requested.

N.B. Prices are not listed on this site due to the ever changing costs for third parties.

The DWP Social Fund offer financial assistance to families or individuals who meet a number of specified conditions. To qualify, you, and all family members who share responsibility for the funeral, must be receiving at least one of several benefits, and have insufficient savings to pay for the funeral.

The DWP Funeral Payment will provide a limited amount, which may cover a very basic funeral, or provide a contribution towards a more traditional funeral. F. W. Spilsbury Ltd is able to advise you about the qualifying criteria and the likely contribution available.

There are a number of support groups you can contact:

Cruse Bereavement Care
Cruse are there to help anyone who has lost someone they love.

Helpline: 01905 22223 or 08701 671 677

The Samaritans
With Samaritans you get the time and support you need to help you through a distressing and traumatic time.

Helpline: 01905 21121 or08457 909 090

Citizens Advice Bureau
The Citizens Advice Bureau will help and support you with any worries or concerns you may have.

Helpline: 01684 563 611
If you should require any further information or if you would like to find out more about undertakers and funeral services in Malvern then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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